Retailers know several key things about marketing: customers are guided by their habits, marketers can increase the value of customers by modifying customer behaviors and that all marketing programs involve data – from billboards to direct mail to digital. Speedeon helps marketers in retail with all of these things.

Understanding Customer’s Behaviors

People will change what they do and how they do it as the world around them changes – these are their behaviors. Retailers understand that a compelling offer at the right time and place can change a consumers behavior and change them from just another consumer to a valued customer. Other consumers are already just like a retailers most valuable customer but they just haven’t converted yet. Speedeon delivers products and solutions that help marketers on both accounts. Analytics and Insights can study existing customers to divine the segments in which they identify or can develop predictive models. What customer’s make impulsive buying decisions? What customers Audiences of consumers can be developed so that these people can have specific and tailored offers be delivered. Different media from direct mail to digital can be leveraged to deliver these offers.

Programs That Make New Habits

People are creatures of habit. From the route they take driving to and from work to what brand of toothpaste they use, people let their habits guide them from day to day. Marketers know that getting consumers to change their habits – and start a new habit with the Marketers brand – can be difficult. But it can be done. Leveraging analytics allows marketers to identify consumers who are more likely to change their current habits and to become new customers. Life events such as moving or getting married represent great opportunities for marketers to acquire new customers who then form new habits with that retailer.

The Data to Power It All

The key behind all of these things is data. Speedeon approaches marketing for retailers with data strategy first; we know that the data, while just a fraction of the total cost of a campaign, can be the greatest driver of success. We believe that the right data with the right offer and the right channel enables marketers to surpass their goals.

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