Other Industries

Speedeon believes firmly that data is a central part of every marketing program there are many ways we can help any marketer in any industry.

Standard Products for All Marketers

Regardless of the industry or the products and services being promoted there are many data products, and marketing services that can be used by any marketer:

Audience Development:
To whom should the offers or promotions be targeted? Speedeon delivers the right audience for the campaign, we understand the different segments in the market place and have innovative ways of identifying them and then delivering the data to support those campaigns.

Data Enrichment:
All marketing data could be more complete or more accurate. Would a customer retention program benefit from a birthday append? Would knowing the relative increase in the house value of a prospective customer be useful? Speedeon leverages extremely large and diverse data sets to offer enrichment and insight to a marketers existing data assets.

Data Verification and Hygiene:
All data decays over time leaving the marketer to wonder how accurate and correct their underlying data is. Speedeon can confirm the veracity of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and a wide variety of demographic elements. For those records that need updating, Speedeon can fix, complete or append data to increase the value of the underlying record.

Analytics and Insights:
Marketers have questions: why did this consumer respond to an offer but another did not? How can we predict the likelihood of a consumer to redeem an offer? What consumers are out there that look like and behave like the best customers? Speedeon Analytics and Insights can answer these questions and scores of others.

Are there processes that are done repeatedly but need the most accurate and timely data – as well as a fast and dependable turnaround time? From simple appends or reverse appends to normalization of different data types into a single format to CASS / NOCA to complex merge / purge jobs to automated lead scoring: Speedeon can develop an efficient, custom – and totally automated solution to turn data into actionable insights.

Multi-Channel Delivery:
All marketing messaging must be delivered by at least one – and often multiple – channels. Speedeon works with marketers to deploy campaigns through a variety of channels including digital, social, email and direct mail.

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