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For a technology startup with a new, disruptive business model, quickly creating brand awareness, growing a passionate customer base, driving product engagement, and capturing critical market share is imperative to success and survival. On a collaborative basis, Speedeon Data works closely with high-tech startups to develop custom, data-driven acquisition strategies.



Discover High Value Audiences

We begin by understanding your business model and offering, go-to-market strategy, and existing customer base. Using data overlays, advanced data segmentation, and predictive analytics we develop thorough and actionable insights into your target market - providing knowledge of your ideal audience and how to most effectively engage them.

Next, using cloning or lookalike models, we identify high-potential prospects from predictive attributes of your existing customers. Based on these findings and other audience segmentation strategies, we can build consumer prospect files and fine-tune marketing strategies that target the right audience with the right message.


Target Consumers at the Right Time

With acquisition, timing is key. By onboarding your prospect data, Speedeon Data will enable you to target prospective “in-market” customers who are visiting key websites or searching specific terms. If your offering is tied to specific life events, our comprehensive life stage data and trigger marketing programs put you in touch with relevant audiences when they are in need of your products or services.


Deploy the Right Message through the Right Channels

Today’s customers expect seamless, personalized and responsive connections to relevant products and services across multiple channels. Our comprehensive channel data and advanced data technologies facilitate omnichannel deployment across direct mail, email, display and mobile advertising, point-of-sale, telemarketing, and other engagement channels. Omni-channel engagements drive increased response rates and revenue, and create more engaged and loyal customers.


Your Data-Driven Success is Our Goal

Speedeon Data has proven expertise in data sciences, database technologies, digital and other direct marketing strategies. We will work closely with you in developing custom data solutions that optimize customer engagement throughout the Customer Life Cycle, and maximize return on marketing investment. Our robust Data Management Platform provides access to the highest quality and most comprehensive data available today.