Increasing competition, expanding media channels and marketing technologies, and a rapidly evolving consumer base is fundamentally changing shopping and purchasing behaviors. This is creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities for today’s insurance marketers. Speedeon Data’s custom, data-driven solutions enable leading insurance professionals to identify prospective customers, develop new cross-sell and up-sell bundling strategies, and engage customers and prospects with the right messages when they are most likely to purchase new insurance policies.


Explosion In Customer Data



Engagement Opportunities



Data Challenges



Reach Customers in Need of Insurance Policies 

Insurance purchases are often triggered by key life events. Insights into when customers are moving, getting married, having children, and experiencing other life stages are key drivers for retaining policyholders, and successfully upselling and cross-selling new insurance products. Using DataWatchSM, a customized subscription-based data monitoring solution, Speedeon Data provides continuous notifications of customers undergoing key life events along with relevant changes to phone, address and email information.

Tools to Engage the Right Customers 

Advanced data segmentation strategies enable you to gain deeper insights into your current and prospective customers, fine-tune marketing strategies and communications, and improve program results. Demographic Overlays segment current or potential customers by credit performance, net worth, household income, home value and equity, or more than 1,000 modeled and declared demographic attributes.

Predictive models identify customers most likely to respond to an offer or determine renewing policy holders at-risk of attrition. Cloning or lookalike models enable you to scale promotions and grow your customer base by identifying prospects similar to your existing customers.


Deploy the Right Message Through the Right Channels


Mobile Ads


Web Ads




Direct Mail



Our comprehensive channel data and advanced data technologies facilitate omnichannel deployment across direct mail, email, display and mobile advertising, telemarketing, and other engagement channels. Omni-channel engagements drive increased response rates and revenue and create more engaged and loyal customers.


Your Data-Driven Success is Our Goal 

Speedeon Data has extensive experience working with leading insurance professionals, and proven expertise in data sciences, database technologies, digital and other direct marketing strategies. We will work closely with you in developing custom data solutions that optimize customer engagement throughout the Customer Life Cycle, and maximize return on marketing investment. Our robust Data Management Platform provides access to highest quality mover, life stage, lifestyle and channel data available.