Increasing competition, new insurance technologies and artificial intelligence as well as a rapidly evolving consumer base is fundamentally changing shopping and purchasing behaviors in the insurance space. This is creating unprecedented challenges - and opportunities - for today’s insurance marketers.

Speedeon’s data driven solutions enable leading insurance professionals to identify prospective customers, develop new cross-sell and up-sell strategies, and engage customers and prospects with the right messages when they are in market for insurance products.

Identify and Engage Consumers In Market

Insurance products have a wide range of types of customers to acquire different segments of the market, consumers experiencing life events and changes and those with policies that are expiring.

Speedeon helps marketers take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Developing audiences and segments
  • Developing cloning or response models
  • Setting test panels
  • Providing turnkey services to help marketers exceed their expectations for customer acquisition

Additional Insurance purchases are often triggered by key life events. Insights into when customers are moving, getting married, having children, and experiencing other life events are key drivers for not only retaining policyholders, but also successfully upselling and cross-selling new insurance products. By routinely monitoring customer files against Speedeon’s life event and trigger data, marketers know when their customers are most receptive to additional products, enhancing the brand relationship and increasing the life time value of customers.

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