Home Services

Home Services, such as cable & satellite TV providers, alarm companies, smart home, energy savings technologies and other companies that offers products or solutions that are installed and maintained in the home, create an intensely competitive landscape for today’s customers. Speedeon offers a range of data driven solutions that enable our client companies to engage current and prospective customers when they are in-market for home services with impactful, cross-channel communications.

Customers and Prospects on the Move

Home Services businesses are particularly suited to leverage new movers for customer acquisition and premovers for retention. Consumers in the moving cycle are often in market for Home Services prior to the move but make the purchase at some point after the move. Speedeon has the data, the analytics ad the experience that marketers use to capture new customers during the move cycle, lower acquisition costs and increasing life time customer value. In addition, by monitoring the addresses of existing customers for move activity, Speedeon alerts a brand when a retention opportunity has been created.

Gaining Insights, Driving Better Results

Marketers constantly look for better ways to understand their customers – their traits and behaviors – in order to acquire and retain new customers; and to do it at a lower cost per acquisition. Speedeon helps marketers in Home Services do just that. Be it through Analytics and Insights, demographic data and append, audience development, data hygiene or even through services and all the way to turn key programs where the marketer sets the objective and Speedeon handles everything else, we enable our marketers to surpass their goals.

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