Financial Services


Competition is fierce for today’s banking customers. Speedeon Data enables leading banks to reach current and prospective customers when they are most interested in new home mortgages and retail banking services.


Reach Customers in Need of Bank Services

Identifying new customers moving into or within your branch footprints, and understanding their potential need for banking services is critical to acquiring and retaining valuable customers. Using the highest quality mover data, Speedeon Data’s trigger marketing programs put you in touch with valuable movers in need of banking services days or even weeks ahead of the competition, many times within 24-48 hours of relocating. 


Engage Homeowners Interested in New Mortgages

Be the first to reach homeowners with imminent home mortgage needs by leveraging Speedeon Data’s high-quality pre-mover data. On a weekly basis, we provide access to nearly 50,000 homeowners who are first putting their homes on the market. Our Homes For Sale DatabaseSM connects you with up to 96% of (or 1.3 million) of "listed" homes currently on the market. Premover-based trigger marketing programs provide a superior alternative to traditional refinancing programs.



Tools to Engage the Right Customers 

Advanced Data Segmentation strategies enable you to gain deeper insights into your current and prospective customers, fine-tune marketing strategies and communications, and improve overall program results. Data segmentation strategies include:


  • Demographic Overlays: Segment current or potential customers by credit performance, net worth, household and discretionary income, home value and equity, or more than 1,000 modeled and declared demographic attributes.
  • Life Stage Data Overlays: Identify consumers in transition, who are spending heavily, engaging new brands, and likely in-market for your products and services.
  • Geotargeting and CRM Matching Analyses:
    • Identify current and prospective customers moving into or within your trade areas
    • Fine-tune acquisition and retention strategies and communications 


Data Overlays

Lifestage, Lifestyle, Channel Data


CRM Matching




Moved Within/Out Of Footprint


Predictive models identify customers most likely to respond to an offer, open a new checking account, or apply for a new credit card, home equity loan or mortgage. Cloning or lookalike models enable you to scale promotions and grow your customer base by identifying prospects similar to your existing customers.


Deploy The Right Message Through the Right Channels


Mobile Ads


Web Ads




Direct Mail


Point Of Sale


Our comprehensive channel data and advanced data technologies facilitate omnichannel deployment across direct mail, email, display and mobile advertising, point-of-sale, telemarketing, and other engagement channels. Omni-channel engagements drive increased response rates and revenue and create more engaged and loyal customers.


Your Data-Driven Success is Our Goal 

Speedeon Data has extensive experience working with leading banks, and proven expertise in data sciences, database technologies, digital and other direct marketing strategies. We will work closely with you in developing custom data solutions that optimize customer engagement throughout the Customer Life Cycle, and maximize return on marketing investment. Our robust Data Management Platform provides access to the highest quality mover, life stage, lifestyle and channel data available.