Financial Services

Competition is fierce for today’s banking, lending and investing customers. Speedeon enables leading financial services brands to engage with prospective customers when they are most interested in new home mortgages, home equity lines of credit, student lending, debt consolidation, investing, refinancing and other banking services.

Reach and Engage Consumers In Need of Financial Services

Speedeon works with marketers to identify consumers who are in market or are receptive to a variety of financial offerings.

Speedeon supports marketers:

  • New movers moving into a retail bank footprint to drive new checking account customers
  • Using mortgage trigger data to find consumers looking for home equity lines of credit
  • Supporting marketing efforts of FinTech companies targeting millennials for debt consolidation
  • Acquiring new customers for automated investing or savings services

Speedeon draws from our array of data products and marketing services to help deliver successful acquisition campaigns.

Understand and Retain Existing Customers

Speedeon products and services are used to deepen relations with customers, to provide new insights and to support cross and upsell campaigns.

By utilizing Speedeon’s extensive demographic, lifestyle and econometric data marketers can gain new understandings into their customers including segmentation and personas. Speedeon Analytics and Insights can be leveraged to better predict behaviors, such as attrition or next best product before they happen.

Current Customers can be monitored to identify when they are going through various life events such as moving, listing their home for sale, having a new baby or getting married. By monitoring these customers, you can proactively reach out to them in periods where they are most likely to switch providers or buy additional products.

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