A major change is happening in the American economy right before our eyes. Where eCommerce, the ubiquity or the Internet and the demand for real personalization in products meet has arisen a new channel for commerce: direct to consumer. Direct to consumer (D2C) binds the producer of products directly to the consumers of those products with no entities between the parties such as retailers, distributers or value added resellers. This ability for the producer of a product to directly do business with the end consumer of that product promises to disrupt many traditional sales channels.

D2C Opportunities

For many, many years producers of products relied almost entirely on retailers, grocery stores or other middle entities for the marketing that drove demand and consumption of products. Now that D2C is in place those producers now have significant opportunities to embrace the development of a brand relationship directly with their customers. Using direct marketing approaches such as digital, email and direct mail these marketers can make offers, gain customers, increase lifetime value and deepen the engagement between producer and consumer. Speedeon is there to help as needed: from data to analytics to services to turnkey.

Speedeon Solutions

Speedeon is here to help those marketers to implement true direct marketing campaigns in a competitive landscape. Starting with providing high quality, highly targeted, highly predictive data to developing custom audiences, developing cloning or response models, segmentation analysis and all the way to complete turnkey programs Speedeon is the secret weapon to D2C marketing success. We work with the D2C marketer to fully understand what successes and misses they have had in the past, and what their goals are for the future. By working collaboratively, we work collaboratively with marketers to craft direct marketing strategies and solutions that leverage as many – or as few – Speedeon competencies as are need to drive marketing success.

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