B2B marketing is an art that has many of the same principles as B2C marketing yet remains distinctly different. While data – the quality, content, sources and application – remain a central tenant of success there remain significant differences in B2B and B2C Marketing.

Viva La Difference

Several concurrent themes make B2B marketing – and the underlying data – different. Sourcing business data is much different than consumer data; public records with States Attorneys General, telco phone data, association and trade group data and other public sources are combined to provide base records. Unlike consumer data, business data can be verified by call centers that contact the businesses to confirm that the business is open, resides at the correct address, has the correct phone number as well as several other firmographics. Regulatory aspects such privacy and permitted uses are significantly different that those that must be followed when marketing to consumers.

Different Data Type, Same Effectiveness

While the data is different, there are key aspects that carry over from consumer data to business Data-Driven marketing strategies can be done in nearly the same ways. Audiences can be created based on selections, data can be enriched and verified by appending additional elements, and marketers can leverage predictive analytics t to support marketing programs in similar ways. These applications can be used for new customer acquisition and cross-sell and upsell opportunities within your existing customer base.

Channel Matters

Speedeon uses business data to support our customers’ growth across digital, social, telemarketing, direct mail, email and the combination of these channels. Marketers look to us to help them develop strategies, delivery data, and execute the overall channel planning. Speedeon services seek to provide a complete solution up to and including a turnkey approach as the situation dictates.

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