Speedeon helps agencies deliver unique solutions to their clients in order to help them maximize their return on marketing investments. Our approach is to better understand the goals of the programs and provide the right solution – whether it be data or analytics – that will provide the most success for all parties involved. With Speedeon focused on the analytics and data that go into a strategy, the agency can focus on the creative and media placements.

Speedeon: Strategy Through Data

Speedeon starts with strategy. The most important question that we can ask is, what does success look like to your client? With that answered, Speedeon can now determine what data products and solutions will deliver the most successful outcomes. Speedeon believes that every marketing program has a strategic data component and that data informs who to target (audience), with what offer (media) and how (channel). And it all ties back to – what does success mean to your client? When Speedeon and an agency work together, they can deliver success to our clients.

How Agencies work with Speedeon:

  • Agency Increases Client’s Revenue by $24 Million and Store Traffic by 45% Using Modeled New Movers.
  • Agency worked with Speedeon to launch a direct mail program for a leading FinTech app.

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