Is your agency’s goal to deepen its involvement with a well-established client or to win a competitive bid for a marquis prospect? If so, superior customer data, remarkable customer insights, and engaging omnichannel deployment are game changers when it comes to building new or existing business. 

Speedeon Data is a trusted data solutions provider with extensive experience working with leading marketing service providers and direct marketing agencies. We augment your agency’s capabilities with our proven expertise in data sciences, database technologies, digital and other direct marketing strategies. We will work closely with you to transform your clients’ often inaccurate and incomplete customer data into custom, data-driven solutions that optimize client engagement across the Customer Life Cycle.



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Speedeon Data's Data Management Platform

Our robust Data Management Platform provides access to the highest quality mover, life stage and lifestyle data available anywhere for more than 240 million individuals, 110 million households, and 20 million businesses.  Using data overlays, advanced segmentation strategies, and predictive modeling, Speedeon Data will enable you to identify your clients’ high-value current and potential customers most likely to engage their brands.  Using trigger marketing strategies, and other omnichannel deployment strategies will ensure that the right customer is receiving the right message at the right time.