Customer Growth & Retention

Grow Customer Relationships to Their Fullest Potential

If a customer relationship is to grow to its fullest potential, it must be carefully nurtured through a process that builds brand equity, trust, and meaningful engagement. Whether your goal is to generate additional revenue from existing customers, or prevent costly churn, having access to high quality customer data ensures you’re focusing the right resources into the marketing channels that are most appropriate for each customer segment.

Speedeon Data enables leading brands to optimize customer growth and retention strategies to maximize return on marketing spend through innovative data solutions that utilize the highest quality data, while adhering to project deadlines and budgets.


Get a 360º View of Your Customer

To get the full picture of your customer, we begin with advanced data segmentation drawing from more than 1,000 demographic and ethnographic attributes contained in our Data Management Platform. Actionable insights can then be revealed by overlaying lifestyle data to customer files.


Discover Actionable Insights

Knowing who to target is key to customer relationship growth. Response models can easily identify the influential attributes of your best customers based on past purchase behavior. This will ensure you’re focusing only on those customers who are most likely to respond, which will improve your response rates, while also reducing your non-contributing marketing costs.

An RFM model can identify both cross sell and upsell opportunities by looking at key attributes of your customers, including how often they shop, how much they spend, and how recently they interacted with your brand. A Lifetime Value model can also be used to gauge which customers are worth investing marketing resources into as it predicts the net profit of the entire future relationship with a particular customer.

Speedeon Data will work with you to develop an appropriate data model to fit your unique growth and retention needs.


Move Your Retention Efforts in the Right Direction

A successful customer retention strategy addresses what resources should be allocated to which customers, and when, in order to maximize long-term customer engagement, loyalty and profitability. Speedeon Data works closely with leading brands to solve these fundamental issues by helping them to understand when customers are in market and most likely to purchase a particular product or service.

When consumers undergo key life stage changes, such as moving, getting married, having a baby, or getting a divorce, their product and service needs, brand affiliations, and purchase behaviors change dramatically. These life stages present an invaluable window of opportunity for brands across a wide-range of industries to retain and grow their relationships with their existing customer bases.

By leveraging our industry leading mover data and life stage triggers we’re able to help marketers successfully engage consumers during these memorable life events with the most relevant and impactful communications.

DataWatch℠, a subscription-based data monitoring solution, ensures you don’t miss an opportunity to connect and share important marketing offers with your customers by providing regular updates on major changes in their lives. By hosting a subset of your current or prospective database, weekly notifications are given indicating significant changes.


Engage Them Where It Matters

Today's consumers expect unified, consistent messaging across multiple screens, devices, and channels. Once your target audience and marketing offers have been determined, we’ll deploy an integrated marketing campaign across online and offline channels.

Speedeon Data nurtures a truly integrated marketing approach to impactful targeting and retargeting strategies across a variety of online and offline direct marketing channels, including direct mail, email, social, and mobile advertising.