Customer Acquisition

Acquire High-Value Customers

Whether you’re a startup company needing to quickly capture revenue and market share, or an established brand attempting to offset costly customer churn, successful acquisition strategies are critical to your long-term success. Acquisition strategies that focus on the highest potential prospects, most impactful messages, and relevant channels outperform low-cost, high-volume “Spray and Pray” strategies and deliver the greatest long-term customer value.

Speedeon Data enables leading brands to optimize customer acquisition strategies and maximize return on marketing spend through innovative data solutions that utilize the highest quality data while adhering to project deadlines and budgets.


Uncover Rich Customer Insights

To get the full picture of your target audience, we begin with advanced data segmentation drawing from more than 1,000 demographic and ethnographic attributes contained in our Data Management Platform.

By overlaying lifestyle data to customer files, mover files or other prospect files, we are able to reveal rich customer profiles, uncover actionable insights, and refine marketing offers and messages.


Discover Consumers Who Are Just Like Your Best Performing Customers

Cloning or lookalike models utilize key demographic attributes of your best-performing customers to identify more customers who will perform just like your current customers.

Identifying high potential prospects enables you to increase top line response rates, reduce costs, and achieve important acquisition goals. Speedeon Data will work with you to develop an appropriate data model to fit your unique acquisition needs.


Reach Customers When They Are In Market for Your Products and Services

When consumers move, get married, have children, become newly single or undergo other important life stage changes, their product and service needs, brand affiliations, and purchase behaviors change dramatically – for many brands, this is a critical time to engage these potential customers.

Newly Married


New Baby


Newly Single


New Mover


By maintaining the most comprehensive, multi-sourced mover and life stage data, we enable you to identify, engage, and ultimately acquire high-value, in-market consumers who are ready to buy your products and services.


Engage Consumers Where It Matters

Once high-potential prospects have been aligned with impactful messaging strategies through data overlays, predictive modeling, and other advanced segmentation strategies, it is critical to reach these newly identified target audiences through the most relevant online and offline channels.

Speedeon Data’s comprehensive data sources and advanced data technologies nurture a truly integrated marketing approach to impactful targeting and retargeting strategies across a variety of online and offline direct marketing channels, including direct mail, email, social, and mobile advertising.