Consumer Prospect Data

Developing unique audiences and insights are keys to successful business to consumer marketing. Speedeon delivers success to our customers in part by sourcing, aggregating and compiling – and then verifying the most accurate and complete consumer prospect data available anywhere.


Speedeon has over 900 different data elements to offer a complete view of consumers. The data features a wide array of categories:

Household composition: the number of people residing in a dwelling and their personal attributes.

Econometric: income, proxies for risk, spending, house value and changes in data over the past six or twelve months

Purchase Behavior: spending in aggregate, Spending in categories

Causes and Politics: political affiliation and causes supported such as environmental or charities

Hobbies and Interests: additional insights into consumer’s affinities with pass times and pursuits


By using series of selects on Consumer Prospect data, such as geography, econometric, household composition and hobbies and interested, marketers can develop very specific audiences. The audiences can be used to power a wide variety of campaign types from digital display and social to direct mail. By enabling the Marketer to access and develop these audiences they can run and tune those campaigns to achieve the results they seek.

Analytics and Insights

Consumer Prospect data is a powerful tool for Data Science. Adding on an extremely robust data set to customer or prospect data allows for all types of statistical analysis to be performed such as Linear Regression and Logistic Regression as well as for the use of Machine Learning algorithms such as Gradient Boosting and artificial neural networks. Regardless the method, the power and utility of a model is only as good as that of the underlying data.

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