Mover Data


The nearly 35 million people who move each year spend approximately $15.5 billion during the 21 weeks before and after their move. On average, new movers spend $9,000 and engage more than 70 new brands within the first 3 months of their move.

As homeowners list and sell their homes, and relocate, their product and service needs, purchase behaviors, and brand affiliations change dramatically. A successful mover marketing strategy begins with understanding the Mover Life Cycle, and engaging consumers with timely and relevant offers as they pass through its various stages.


Mover Life Cycle





Home Listed



Under Contract



New Mover

New Home


Leverage The Mover Life Cycle

Movers present opportunities for brands across a wide-range of industries to establish and retain important customer relationships. Early-stage premovers in the “homes listed” stage, are looking for goods and services to increase their homes’ curb appeal, including contractor services, lawn care and landscaping, home furnishing and other residential upgrades.

Later stage premovers in the “homes under contract or sold” stage are now in the market for goods and services needed just before, during, or after their move, such as: mover concierge, moving and storage, self-storage, and truck and equipment rental.

Once new movers relocate and begin to acclimate themselves to their new location, their need for new products and services increase dramatically. Within the first three to six months, new movers make a wide-range of purchases and establish brand relationships, including banking and insurance services, cable & satellite TV, home appliances, furniture and soft goods.

Learn more about the dynamic needs and purchase behaviors of consumers throughout The Mover Life Cycle.


The Value of High Quality Mover Data 

Not all mover data is created equally. The number and quality of data sources, update frequency, and data processing and hygiene impact data quality and its speed to market. Investing in high quality mover data that is accurate and current, i.e., available in some cases within 24 hours of moving, generates higher response rates, topline revenue and return-on-investment. Our mover data is multi-sourced, updated daily and is subjected to rigorous analyzes, including: quality assessments, deduping, and false positive removal. It is extensively cleansed through hygiene processing including: CASSTM, NCOALink®, and Secondary Address Processing. Learn more about our mover data build process.

By maintaining the highest quality, multi-sourced mover data, we eliminate unnecessary time and costs associated with subsequent processing of redundant data sources. This enables our clients to reach movers up to 21 days ahead of the competition, early in their purchase cycle, when buying decisions are determined.

We further enhance our mover data with data overlays, CRM matching, and data modeling. Our clients can then gain deeper insights into customers on the move, refine segmentation strategies and messages, and identify predictive behaviors of their best performing customers.