Lifestyle Data


Having a complete picture of your customers leads to actionable insights, better audience segmentation, fine-tuned messaging, and ultimately, improved results. Speedeon Data offers a rich portfolio of industry-leading lifestyle data which includes demographic, modeled Zip+4 data, and ethnic data.

All our data is multi-sourced, carefully analyzed, and undergoes extensive processing to ensure the highest quality.


Delivering Best-In-Class Demographic Data

Speedeon Data's demographic data is sourced from a variety of providers, including credit bureaus, subscriptions, deeds, warrantees and self-reported sources, and is unique to the industry due to its sourcing and compilation. By amalgamating our demographic data with our industry-leading channel data, we are able to derive best-in-class demographies.




Modeled Data Can Be a Superior Alternative 

Modeled Data is more comprehensive and current than traditional demographic data. It can be a superior alternative in certain analytical marketing applications including customer profiling and segmentation analyses, and is especially useful in developing predictive models. Our Modeled Data is aggregated at the ZIP+4 level and is compiled from over 120 different sources. Unlike traditional demographic data, which may have a population saturation level of only 60%, our Modeled Data is available for 99% of customer records and is accurate up to a 96% confidence level. Modeled data is inferred, and therefore is always current for a given record. Since the data is aggregated at a micro-regional level, it is compliant with privacy and security regulations such as The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Acts.


The Most Complete Ethnic Database



As our country becomes more diverse, communicating along relevant ethnic, religious, and language parameters becomes increasingly important to your marketing success. Our ethnic database is multi-sourced from leading providers and put through a proprietary amalgamation process, providing the most comprehensive ethnic attributes for the U.S. population available today.