Business Data

Reach Current Businesses Cost-Effectively 

Accurate and insightful business data enables successful business-to-business marketing outcomes, whether your goal is to attract new business, retain existing customers, or increase sales. We provide business name, address, phone, location type, SIC/NAICS codes, and Yellow Page listings, for more than 20 million businesses. Our business data is sourced from more than 5,500 Yellow Page directories, and phone verification, the data is then cross-checked and enhanced with additional business information. On a monthly basis, our business data undergoes NCOA and DSF (Delivery Sequence File) processing to ensure its accuracy.


Current Business Data


Yellow Pages Directory


Phone Verification


Number of Employees


Sales Volume


NCOA/DSF Hygiene



Business Data Fields


Company Name




Phone Number


Location Type




Yellow Pages Listing


Number of Employees


Sales Volume


Target New Businesses Ahead of the Competition

Being the first to reach new businesses is critical to growing your customer base, capturing startup revenue, and initiating profitable long-term relationships. We compile approximately 40,000 records each week from the roughly 2.1 million new businesses we identify annually using Secretary of State Filings, County Courthouse notices and other public records. “New Business” files are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.




Secretary of State Filings


Courthouse Public Records


40K New Businesses/Week


Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Files