Our Data


“Data” is in our name. It is something we take very seriously. Successful marketing begins and ends with data that is accurate, insightful, and actionable.

Speedeon Data is committed to providing our clients access to the highest quality mover, life stage, lifestyle, and channel data for millions of individuals, households, and businesses. By partnering with leading offline and online data providers, we source the highest quality data in the industry. Using proprietary data technologies and methodologies, we compile thousands of data sources on a nightly basis into our robust Data Management Platform.


When It Comes to Data, More Is Better

Multi-sourcing data enables us to effectively verify the accuracy of any one data point using multiple other data points. For example, our comprehensive mover, demographic, and ethnic data, which are rigorously vetted compilations of the best data sources the industry has to offer, are truly best-in-class. By constantly testing our core data sources, database build processes, and analyzing new specialty data sources, we can provide our clients with the most accurate and comprehensive marketing data available anywhere.


An Investment for Smart Marketers

Our best performing clients understand the value of high-quality data and view it as a strategic investment rather than a cost. Rather than investing in large volumes of low cost data in support of more traditional “Spray & Pray” strategies, they understand that data is typically a small underlying cost that has a significant impact on overall marketing program results. Our high quality data, used in conjunction with advanced segmentation strategies, predictive models, and other custom data solutions enable our clients to achieve the highest return on marketing investment by maximizing topline delivery, response and revenue while minimizing bottom-line costs.


We Proudly Admit to Being Data Nerds 

All of our custom-designed data solutions, all of the innovative, “smarter way of doing it” strategies, and all of the data-driven marketing success that we provide our clients, begin and end with our obsession with building and maintaining the best data available anywhere. Viva la Data! Bravo los Nerds!