A Definitive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Mover Marketing

Up to 40 million people will move this year, and almost 60,000 people move every day. These homeowners and renters are also extremely active consumers. In fact, the average mover spends $9,000 on a variety of products and services and engages more than 70 new brands within the first three months of relocating. Marketing to movers may seem simple in concept, but in reality, movers are a complex and dynamic audience whose needs and behaviors change rapidly over a relatively short periods of time. Movers can also be an elusive target — one that is difficult to identify and reach with timely and relevant offers before crucial buying decisions are made and new brand affiliations are established. Click here to read our guide to developing more sophisticated mover marketing strategies – strategies that are aligned to a mover life cycle and a more nuanced view of movers that considers their dynamic needs and complex behaviors.