Data Enhancement

Transform Your Data into Rich Customer Profiles and Actionable Insights

Customer data, from CRM and Point-Of-Sale data, to browser, social, mobile and other digital data, provide important insights regarding customer behavior, sentiment and intent. However, the growing volume and varieties of customer-generated data are often inaccurate, incomplete, and, in isolation, provide limited value. Using a wide-range of Data Enhancement strategies, Speedeon Data transforms your customer data into rich customer profiles and actionable insights by ensuring your customer data is complete and accurate, by overlaying revealing lifestyle attributes, and by providing timely notification of the relocations and other life stage events.


  • Formatting
  • Deduping


  • CASS
  • NCOA


  • Phone
  • Mail
  • Email


  • Lifestyle
  • Life Stage
  • Channel



Data Normalization and Hygiene Ensure Data Accuracy


Prior to being on-boarded into our Data Management Platform, data routinely undergoes Data Normalization, which removes any duplicate or non-standard data elements and ensures that records are properly formatted. Next, using CASS™ Processing, NCOALink® Processing, Secondary Address Processing, and other data hygiene solutions, Speedeon Data ensures that customer records are accurate and up-to-date.



Optimize Your Data for Actionable Intelligence

Customer data can also be optimized in order to facilitate more effective utilization, resulting in improved top-line results and reduced costs. Phone and Mail Optimization verify correct records, fix and update records, and identify incorrect records. Email Optimization verifies domain names, suppresses opt-out and bad history addresses, and analyzes open and delivery rates for email records. Our multi-sourced data also gives us the ability to validate online and offline identify pairs


Lifestyle Overlays Enhance Customer Insights

Lifestyle data overlays provide valuable insights regarding your current and prospective customers and are useful in determining effective customer engagement and marketing strategies. Data overlays are a foundational step in the development of advanced data segmentation, predictive modeling, and life-event trigger marketing strategies.

Our Data Management Platform provides access to more than one thousand lifestyle attributes at the individual, household level, and Zip+4 which are drawn from our Demographic, Modeled Demographic, and Ethnic Data files. Other data elements can be, and are routinely, appended onto customer records, such as “Do Not Mail” flags and latitude/longitude coordinates.

Discover the customer behind a phone number or email address with Speedeon Data’s Reverse Append solutions. From a ten digit phone number or email address, we’ll provide you with most up-to-date name, address and demographic data for a current or prospective customer.


Life Events Signal Big Changes in Customer Behavior


Newly Married


New Baby


Newly Single


New Mover



When consumers move, get married, have children, separate, or enter into other major life events, their needs change and subsequent purchase behaviors and new brand affiliations increase dramatically. Mover and life stage data overlays enable marketers to identify and engage current and prospective customers during these important transitional periods with timely and impactful communications.