Customer Discovery

Take Your Customers from ‘Unknown to Known’ 

The basis of any successful data-driven marketing strategy is the target audience. By using our advanced data segmentation, data modeling, and data monitoring strategies, we work with clients to discover high-value audiences and to create high-impact acquisition and retention programs.


Getting to Know Your Target Audience



Getting to know your target audience begins with advanced data segmentation strategies. Demographic and ethnographic data overlays draw from the more than 1,000 lifestyle attributes available on our Data Management Platform. Lifestyle data is appended to your customer files, mover files or other prospect files in order to create rich customer profiles, uncover actionable insights, and refine offers and marketing messages. Through CRM Matching, acquisition and retention targeting strategies can be further refined by matching mover, life stage and other prospect files to customer databases, including transaction histories, program memberships, and other relevant customer information. Geospatial analyses add another layer of precision to targeting strategies by identifying current and potential customers who are moving into, within and out of key trade areas.


Greater Insights Through Predictive Analytics

Our main question for our clients is, “What does success in your next campaign look like?” We work with direct marketers with a wide range of data modeling and analytical capabilities.

Response Models identify key demographic attributes of your best-performing customers and enable you to predict behaviors such as responsiveness to offers, highest spending, or most profitable customers. Additionally, we can design models to identify customers that are most likely to defect.



Cloning or lookalike models identify key demographic attribute of your best-performing customer, which are then used to identify prospective customers just like your current customers.

Whether your goal is to identify underlying demographic attributes driving performance, predict high-performing groups, increase topline response rates, or reduce costs; we will work with you to develop an appropriate data model to fit your unique needs.


Reach Your Customers At The Right Time


Newly Married


New Baby


Newly Single


New Mover


When consumers undergo key life stage changes, their product and service needs, brand affiliations and purchase behaviors change dramatically. Engaging current or prospective customers during these transitional periods can be critical to achieving customer acquisition and retention targets. Our data monitoring services alert you to major changes in your customers’ lives such as pending moves, changes in marital status, or new children. By hosting a subset of your current or prospective customer database, we provide weekly notifications of any name, address and phone updates, or important life-event updates that may occur.