Communications Deployment


Across mailboxes, laptops, and smartphones, customers increasingly expect, and competitors are more consistently delivering, more personalized brand experiences and relevant marketing communications. By developing custom communication deployment strategies, which include cross-channel audience creation, digital onboarding, life stage trigger marketing, and turn-key direct mail solutions, Speedeon Data drives successful customer engagement throughout the Customer Life Cycle and improved return on marketing investment.


Cross-Channel Connectivity


Mobile Ads


Web Ads




Direct Mail


Point Of Sale


Engage consumers where it matters. Cross-channel audience creation facilitates truly integrated marketing and impactful targeting and retargeting strategies across display and mobile advertising, social media, email, direct mail and other engagement channels. Once specific target audiences and messaging strategies have been determined through audience segmentation, predictive modeling, and other advanced segmentation strategies, customer records are connected to all relevant online and offline channels. Speedeon Data’s comprehensive data sources and advanced data technologies facilitate omnichannel engagement across direct mail, email, mobile advertising, point-of-sale, telemarketing, and other direct marketing channels.


Take Customer Targeting and Engagement Online

Give your marketing a powerful digital boost. Data onboarding enables true omnichannel engagement by taking offline CRM data and marketing campaigns into the digital realm. Through various partnerships, Speedeon Data is able to match your current or prospective customers’ offline data, e.g., phone number, email address, or mailing address to digital handles, such as IP addresses, Twitter handles, Facebook profiles, and mobile device ID’s.

Data onboarding strengthens targeting capabilities by providing access to valuable in-market behavior, brand sentiment and purchase intent. Overlaying CRM data with digital data and Speedeon Data’s industry-leading lifestyle data results in holistic, customer profiles, which can be further transformed into actionable insights and predictable customer behaviors through advanced data segmentation and predictive modeling. Engaging current and prospective customers across digital channels reinforces offline communications and improves the timeliness, relevancy, and overall impact of your marketing programs.


Life Stage Trigger Monitoring


Newly Married


New Mover


New Baby


Newly Single



Reach consumers when it matters most. As people move, get married, have children, and enter into other life changing events, their needs, purchase behaviors and brand affiliations change dramatically. Reaching consumers during these life stages is an opportune time for marketers to acquire new customers and to retain current customers during vulnerable transition periods.

Using DataWatchSM, a subscription-based data monitoring solution, Speedeon Data hosts an extract of a company’s customer database. On a continuous basis, DataWatch provides notifications of customers undergoing key life stages, including home sales and relocations, marriage, children, and divorce, along with relevant changes to phone, address and email information.


Solo Direct Mail Mover Marketing Programs

Cost-effectively engage valuable movers up to 21 days ahead of competitors and before important purchase decisions are made. 

Nearly 35 million people move every year and spend approximately $15.5 Billion within the 21 weeks of their move. As people list and sell their homes and then relocate, their needs, purchase behaviors, and brand affiliations change dramatically.

Speedeon Data's Solo Direct Mail Mover Marketing Program enables you to connect with consumers more quickly and cost effectively. A valuable alternative to current subpar ‘cookie cutter” and restrictive ‘black box” mover programs, our “best-in-class’ turnkey mover marketing program utilizes:


High Quality Mover Data


Detailed Market Research


Advanced Analytics & Targeting


Rapid 'In Home' Delivery


Multi-Modal Attribution


Our mover data is updated daily, enabling identification of new movers up to 14 days faster than the competition. Our in-house database facilitates rapid data processing, reducing merge-purge processing and file builds by up to 14 days. Speedeon Data's streamlined fulfillment and delivery is the final piece enabling our clients to engage customers before important purchase decisions are made.