CEO's Letter

A Letter From Gerard Daher

Goals & Shared Success


A big part of success involves setting and achieving goals. Since our founding in 2008, Speedeon Data's goal has been to provide our clients with the highest quality customer contact data, delivered expeditiously through the most innovative data products and services in the industry.

Speedeon Data has committed to this goal by making ample investments in the technology infrastructure, development resources, and the customer data needed to maintain one of the most comprehensive and current customer data sources available anywhere. We are further achieving our goal by developing cutting-edge data solutions, including data optimization and data append services, new mover programs, and other innovative products and services.

Most importantly, we are realizing our goal through the relationships with clients and partners.  Our success is measured by our clients' successes - by identifying, acquiring, and retaining highly-valued customers, and by increasing response rates, revenue, and return-on-investment. We are grateful for these relationships because they provide us with the opportunities to grow as a company, and they challenge us to continuously strive for quality and innovation. Some of our very best solutions were first developed to meet the specific needs of clients - from advanced data hygiene services, to modeled new mover programs, to other industry-leading products and services.

We welcome the opportunity to understand your customer data needs, and to demonstrate how our capabilities enable you to better understand and engage with your customers, and to achieve important direct marketing goals. 

Ultimately, your success is our goal... it measures, and is a means to, our own success.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and sharing in a successful relationship with you.