Author: Amanda Coe, Graphic Designer

We aren’t unlike you; we have had to change our life abruptly in the most surreal fashion. As a company we are trying to keep moving at a normal pace while working from home in make-shift offices, children running around, dogs barking during video conference calls, with the surprising epiphany that a slower-pace in life can be a good thing. Trying to keep “normalcy” can be rather difficult but we have embraced this change and are flowing with this unpredictable tide. Here are a few things we are doing to stay a-float and keep our spirits high:

  • Created fitness accountability group with friends.

  • Purple hair dye has helped to brighten up my day especially when I’m missing freshly painted nails.

  • Cleaning out the unnecessary clutter.

  • Learning to paint with watercolors, a relaxing and challenging outlet.

  • Gaining a sense of humor for mundane tasks like; Playing “The Final Countdown” while trying to unload and reload the dishwasher before the song ends.

    Finding much comfort in connecting with family and friends on a more regular basis.

  • Date nights consist of walking around the neighborhood drinking beer and talking to neighbors in the driveway.

  • My daughter has started working out with me every day.

  • A new practice of meditating every morning.

  • Converted my kitchen to a yoga studio.

  • Raising baby chickens.

  • Not feeling the need to get up early in the morning, exercising more and eating more carbs.

  • Upping the at-home bread baking game.

  • Learning new things: Commercial gasoline only has a life span of three months before it oxidizes enough to cause damage, also learned to siphon gas out of a car.

  • Getting lots of sleep, soooo much sleep, “never had this much sleep in my adult life, as I’ve always had no time”.

  • Helping my church to be able to live-stream.

  • Not having a commute has given me more time with my family.

  • Giving my dog half hour walks each day has given my 6 year old dog more pep.

  • Working on my 3pt shot on my driveway hoop.

  • Perfecting my traditional tacos with rice and beans from scratch recipe.