Are you interested in maintaining the highest quality customer database available? MVPAddress - Mail Variable Processing, is a proprietary solution developed by Speedeon Data for direct marketers focused on maintaining the most accurate customer contact data. 

With MVPAddress, Speedeon Data provides industry leading data hygiene and address deliverability to its clients by leveraging key components, including: CASS™ Processing, Address Standardization metrics, our Proprietary Change of Address service, as well as NCOALink® Processing.

MVPAddress' Key Components Ensure Data Quality

CASS Processing: As the basis for MVPAddress, CASS Processing first normalizes input data and determines subsequent processing. 

Address Repair: Using referential data and artificial intelligence, records from CASS Processing having faulty addresses are corrected.

Secondary Append: Using referential data, records from CASS Processing having missing or incorrect secondary addresses are completed or corrected.

NCOA: Records are processed using NCOALink.

PCOA: Records are processed using our Proprietary Change of Address service, which utilizes both “consortia data” and “referential data.”




Key Components:

CASS™ Processing

Address Standardization metrics

Proprietary Change of Address service


Industry leading hygiene & address deliverability